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As of today the public version of the game is version alpha 0.1g

Feedback is always appreciated.



yeah a .zip file would be better probably easier to access

Played the demo on gamejolt and it is very fun. Although I am having trouble downloading the game on my Mac. Any possibility you can have a zip file for a future download? Thank you :)

Pretty nice, but not perfect demo. I would love to follow the progress on this project!

Played the nex version and its nice. even if it doesnt have so much its a good game.

finally got to play it and I do enjoy it, just minor things though, cant seem to find a way to use potions in my inventory, rather than that its pretty fun, also the lewd scenes seem a bit long too

Really like the Prototype

I'm glad you enjoyed! It is somewhat bare bones right now, so there is a new version coming in a week or two.

it doesnt let me open the game (on mac)

Yes I confirmed that it is not working on the mac. For the next version release I'll try to have it more compatible.

Thank you!

actually, I was actually gonna ask about that, how often are updates?

Since I've just started releasing it publicly, there is no pattern as of yet... but I'll try to aim for a monthly release, give or take a week or two.